Tom Wright’s first book, published initially when he was about my age, has been re-issued. It is a short book of sermons organised around three movements; the greatness of God, the connection between Biblical faith and a life lived in love and the practice of faith in the midst of hardship. It’s a tight little book, all the more intimidating because it is a collection of sermons written by a man younger than me. Damn all the enviable talent to hell!, I say. Or thank heaven for it. Which ever you are in the mood for.

Speaking of Isaiah 42 he writes:

What does it mean – what could it possibly mean – for us today? Cities without inhabitants – houses without people? This is, remember, not just the LORD judging a nation: this is God’s judgment holiness revealed against his own people – his church. Can it be that God would do this to his people again?

It has happened before. Where are the churches in Ephesus and Colosse? Where is the amazing church in Antioch? Where is the church in Egypt, which stood firm for truth under Athanasius? Or the church in North Africa, which flourished under Cyprian and Augustine? Who should it be so difficult to imagine that one day historians should ask: Where is the church in England, or America, or anywhere else?

Apropos of nothing at all, here is a graph showing the “growth” of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland:

PCI decline

Your Correspondent, Is glad his home is not being towed behind a horse