As a man who lives in the southern part of a territory that is obviously much better in every way than the north, I think I can empathise with the Southern Sudanese as they celebrate their first day of independence today. Of course, no one in the north ever actually came close to even dreaming up atrocities equivalent with the crimes committed by the Sharia warlords of northern Sudan so all facetious comments aside (like, what do you expect from a nation full of evangelical Christians except that they would split and start their own thing), one does harbour hopes that this might bring peace, prosperity and harmony, not just to the southern Sudanese but to the whole region.

The work that has to be done is insane but we can pray for the leadership, both of the government and leaders in the cultural sphere (as well as rebel leaders) that they will demonstrate virtue and we can continue to support the provision of clean water and basic medicine to every human being:

Sudanese Infant Mortality Rate

Water provision

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