The Peanuts cartoons by Charles Schultz were the site of much theological reflection. Schultz himself was a lay preacher. United Feature Syndicate have released a letter they received 42 years ago that serves as a cautionary reminder to the Irish church.

Peanuts theology

Note that the letter writer doesn’t say anything explicitly racist. He instead argues for a position of equivocation for the purposes of reconciliation. The three panel cartoon was disrupting their quiet life! Or more sadly, the three panel cartoon was able to speak more clearly to them than the civil rights movement exploding around them.

Given that the received wisdom on the controversies in the Irish church (say on issues like membership of the Orange Order, homosexual leaders or the role of women as leaders) is to sometimes avoid addressing the issue, letters like this remind us that if we’re getting things wrong, we’ll make nothing right by waiting for a better time to call ourselves to account.

Your Correspondent, At least his memory’s not crazy!