My very smart friend C-Beard was watching a video I had linked to in Google Chat which featured NT Wright talking about the Bible. It was really good:

He commented that trendy Christian movie-makers love their overwrought and ever-present soundtracks. It is true. Think of Nooma. Those clips are full of beautifully arranged orchestral music demanding your attention.

Here’s my theory: American Christians are more heavily influenced by the superb television drama Friday Night Lights than they are by the Wire or Sopranos or any of the other much more critically regarded television dramas of our age.

It is almost ruined by a soundtrack written in part by the brilliant Explosions In The Sky and the insufferable W.G. Walden, who tried his hardest to destroy the West Wing with his pompous music. Check it out. The soundtrack is so full of itself, it makes the genuine drama and excellent script seem preposterous!

So, trendy Christian film makers, cool it on the music.

Your Correspondent, Clear eyes, full hearts, can still lose