Along with my friend and boss, Keith McCrory, I keep a slightly different blog for my church. You can find it here. Today I wrote a thing about the end of the world:

The second thing to recognise is that the theology of Rapture is not taught in the Bible. It is a brand new innovation, speaking against the history of the church. Sadly, Ireland is the source of this misleading set of ideas. A Church of Ireland minister called JN Darby fell off his horse and banged his head in 1827 and a few years later revealed that he had discovered the true way of reading the Bible, which was based around “Dispensations”. There were, he claimed, seven dispensations or ages in history and in each age God acted differently to humanity. We were in the dispensation of grace but soon the dispensations would come to a close in a “tribulation”. Darby attracted no following in Ireland or the UK but gathered a movement around him in America and from his teaching we have “Dispensationalism” from which the idea of Rapture has grown.

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