You probably don’t come to the blog of an amateur theologist for music tips. But Ro Hession is one of the finest songwriters I have ever encountered. His two albums, under the name of Mumblin’ Deaf Ro, are constantly played in the Cardboard Mansion. His first, Senor My Friend, is now coming up on 10 years old and we adore it and hear it as fresh as the first time we encountered him in a dingy bar across from the Abbey one Friday night. The second album The Herring and the Brine is better again, although we struggle to fathom how that was achieved without a Satanic pact or some kind of audio-brain-drugs.

Anyway, Wife-Unit and I are thrilled to hear that 9 of the 10 tracks from the third sure-to-be-masterpiece are now ready and will be debuted in Dublin 8 tomorrow night at the Starling Night Market.

I’d be there but I have important God business to do (picketing non-kosher food outlets) but if you live in Dublin you should go. And if you don’t, you should track down Ro’s music.

Here’s one of his early masterpieces:

Your Correspondent, Learned all about the fingers and the fires