I am sometimes a little bit, well, forceful, in conversations in my office at work. I was appalled one morning when we were talking about the theologians or church leaders we aspire to emulate. I of course humbly said Tom Wright because he’s winsome and clear and challenging and a churchman while simultaneously being a theologian. They, my coworkers and dearest friends, to my horror, said I reminded them of D.A. Carson who is usually right but sometimes a little bit obnoxious about it.

DA Carson

But to my utter shock and delight, Dr. Don has actually entered into a new stage in his ministry having just released a rap track with Curtis “Voice” Allen on the Westminster Confession of Faith! Carson’s role is reduced to explaining the Confession at the beginning and end and shouting “Westside!” every now and again.

It is amazingly bizarre.

Apologetix level amazing.

Check it:
[audio:http://www.creideamh.ie/audio/Curtis ‘Voice’ Allen and D.A. Carson – Westside.mp3]

Your Correspondent, Not only guilty, but also innocent of not being guilty.