Without blowing my own trumpet, I am an apologetic ninja. Put me in a room with a sceptic and I will deconstruct their ass on the coherency of the Christian Gospels within 10 minutes. I’ve held my own against Richard Dawkins and even against Geoff Lillis. But no one has ever become a Christian because I understand Nietzsche better than the average bloke who wears Man City jerseys*.

Every month or so, some of my friends get together to discuss a little bit from this big heavy book called A Secular Age by this tall heavyweight thinker called Charles Taylor. The mean lecturer in my college wouldn’t let me join his post-grad reading seminar on A Secular Age because I am technically no longer a post-grad and so I created my own reading group that kicks ass. We have a doctor and an architect and a lawyer and a computer programmer and my wife and you know what wives are like, right? Total buffoons. Especially mine. We just gave her a join-the-dots picture of Chuck Taylor to keep her occupied.

On Friday night we drank cheap Thai beer and queried whether or not apologetics, that is making a rational defence of the Christian faith, is already conceding too much ground to scepticism. Was it a bit like a soccer team agreeing to play a rugby team in a game of rugby? (By which I obviously mean a group of morally good people pursuing a beautiful task together agreeing to go into battle with savages intent on boring the world into submission!)

Then Declan Kelly, currently in exile in Belfast, writes this fantastic little blog post with this intriguing final line:

Is it reasonable to claim that when William Lane Craig and Christopher Hitchens debate about God the only winner is Descartes?

Your Correspondent, He was just practicing sitting.

* Unless you are at a Presbyterian Church in Ireland staff conference of some kind. There are a disproportionate number of the PCI-Elect who support Man City. Cosmic hint anyone? Also, therefore, there are a disproportionate number of Man City wearing Nietzschean experts in such rooms.