Creideamh reader Brad Anderson, who is lecturing at Mater Dei, sent me on the spring public lecture schedule. You can find it here.

Mater Dei lectures

Of particular interest might be the Thursday 24th February lecture by John Caputo entitled “Postmodern Philosophy and Religion”. Postmodernity is something evangelicals are obsessed with, sadly. I say sadly because it is an opportunity to demonstrate the unfortunate tendency amongst ourselves to spout opinions without listening to the people we’re debating. ‘Tis a rare thing to actually hear an evangelical talk about postmodernity with any grasp of what it is.

Prof. Caputo is certainly not an evangelical, but he is a damn interesting thinker who surely will confuse us in fruitful ways.

See you there?

Your Correspondent, Secretly fears his God is a myth that doesn’t exist, like going bald with dignity.