When Hugh Green writes things on his blog-thingy, it is always worth your time:

…when the Labour Party claims to be the heir to James Connolly, it is a bit like George W. Bush claiming to be carrying out Jesus’s will.

I for one am delighted America may finally have conquered the task of building a likeable car. What better way to read about it than to let the Pulitzer prize winning Gene Weingarten write about it? He knows nothing about cars and hates American autos. It’s all very amusing.

There’s some of that transitional silliness in the Volt. When you start the car, there is an artificial engine noise, to make the moment seem familiar. Most peculiarly, GM has outfitted the turn-signal lever so that if you pull it back toward you, it utters a little bleat to tell unwary pedestrians an otherwise silent car is approaching. Actually, calling this a bleat is unfair to sheep; it’s more like someone with a head cold clearing his sinuses.

Hork snork, it proclaims. Volt driver coming through!

Walk like an Egyptian

The brilliant Alexis Madrigal tells the story of how the interweb made this iconic photo of the Egyptian protests iconic in about 6 hours.

The White Stripes broke up yesterday which saddens me because I never got to see them live. An astoundingly brilliant band that haven’t yet gotten the love they deserve. (Plus, the first band my little brother discovered for me- ah the memories!)

We can’t leave it at just one:

Finally, photographer Darcy Padilla chronicled the life of an AIDS afflicted American woman over the course of 17 years. That such poverty exists ought to enrage us into giving all our money away. Instead I clicked my mouse 4 times and purchased a pair of ironic ear muffs in the shape of pandas and some chocolate that was cast to look like Han Solo trapped in carbonite. Go and do likewise.

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