The good folk I work for are encouraging people to read the Book of Acts over the coming weeks and months. Even as an activity of historical or sociological education, reading those 28 chapters gives a stunning insight into the religiously pluralistic world in which Christianity spread (and how similar it was to the context we now live in in the West).

They are also helping fund the translation of the Bible into the languages of Burkino Faso.

To support these activities they have put together a little booklet called “God Acts”, which consists of reading notes to go along with the text. Even I wrote one:

God Acts page 1

And so if you are a fellow Presbie, can I, in true Presbie language, commend this initiative to you and encourage you to champion the reading of Acts (with or without God Acts) in your communities this Spring?

Your Correspondent, After all these years, God’s not going to take a call from him.