…We went to the library and read the latest Consumer Reports and then went to four stores downtown. It was an amazing experience. I came home with a stack of literature and with my mind reeling. Here’s what I learned. Computers are like sex. There is something in us that they can hook and hold. Computers are like a romance or an epic or an adventure which has come true before our very eyes. They combine mystery and power and precision and beauty. They are exciting and new and with open-ended possibilities. Our culture is in for unimagined and irreversible effects from the micro-computer revolution. I don’t doubt that virtually every one of us will have one at home by 1994. The uses will expand, the prices will fall, and they will be as common as the telephone.

From a sermon preached on March 18, 1984. Not bad for a pastor. I especially love the later reference to tri-colored monitors. The sermon is nifty too.

Your Correspondent, Completing his much awaited Junior Illustrated Edition of the Satanic Verses