Randy Quaid may be mental:

“They’re hunting us,” Evi said. “It’s really happening. They’ve got us in a spiral. ‘Don’t let up on ’em. Drive ’em off the road. Starve ’em to death.’ ” She was slapping her hands together for emphasis. “ ‘Pull their money out of their bank accounts.’ ”

“I guess I’m worth more to ’em dead than alive,” Randy said mildly.

David Bentley Hart says things I wish I could say so stylishly:

When some hoary-headed old mammal in monastic garb starts spouting nonsense of this sort, no matter how offensive we find it, we’re supposed to shrug patiently and smile a gently ironic smile, reminding ourselves that a dash of curmudgeonly sectarian insularity is frequently the inevitable concomitant of deep piety. But I don’t want to play along.

There is something deeply generous in God’s gifting of our generation men and women like Hart, who are stellar intellectual titans but whose heartbeat is for paragraphs like this:

It would be quite impossible for me to explain what the hour we spent there was like, or what effect it had on me. I can only say that Aunt Susie spoke about her love of Christ in a very clear and confident way, with a power that the weakness of her voice did nothing to diminish. From that day to this I have never heard another profession of Christian faith that seized me with such irresistible force. I am not a very emotional person, as it happens, but I was almost overwhelmed by the unutterable beauty that emanated from her

While I will never ever spend any more than the requisite moments on Canon Law, stories like this remind us why we should be grateful that churches have codes:

Now, seated in his chair, Drumheller seemed confident, at ease and pleasant. He produced a packet of information that he said buttressed his case. It included a videotape of that meeting he had taped in early summer with Thomas and Rexrode. (He volunteered that he had taped it secretly, without their consent, explaining that it was “well held in the ministry” that all meetings with congregants and church leaders should be taped, even without their knowledge.)

Even that most powerful of Christian re-assurances, more Canon Law, might not even stop the kind of insanity that apparently runs rampant in some of the “gay-to-straight” “therapies” run by American churches.

Arguably the greatest response to a complaint ever made by a corporation.

For the amateur runners amongst us, beware of dead butt syndrome.

Finally, if you click on only one link, make it this one. A fantastic short story by the great young Australian theologian Ben Myers.

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