The European Court of Human Rights decided this morning that there are gaps in Ireland’s abortion laws. Undoubtedly a fractious, spiteful and Pharisaical debate will now overtake the nation as a small minority try to force their ideology on a large majority while the spokespeople of the large majority over-react and driven by insecurity undermine their position. We might have another referendum on abortion law. We might actually, in what is an insane worst case scenario, have a kind of abortion law brought in. (For those of you unfamiliar with the strangely ignoble way Ireland remains the only Western nation (along with Malta) without abortion, my elder Patrick has the low-down.)

Issues as large and serious as this demand serious thought and prayer. It is not particularly appropriate to hash it out in blogs because there is so little space to be sensitive in the naked word. But I think wife-unit established a solid premise when off the top of her head while waiting for her computer to load up said:

The question that is asked is ‘When does life begin?’ but perhaps the true question is ‘At what point can life be terminated?’

Your Correspondent, Can only advocate things because he was born