I had to go for a training event once to Britain with some other Christian leaders. This was when I worked for a different organisation but I didn’t enjoy the training. People made jokes about Ireland the Irish that I got offended by. Which was a bit English of me hypocritical of me because I make fun of the Queen an awful lot.

One of the benefits that did come from this training session was that I met a girl who goes by the name OddBabblings to everyone who doesn’t have the pleasure of knowing her in real life. She was one of the very friendly people at this event who didn’t refer to leprechauns when they saw me and didn’t seem full of the boundless public energy and enthusiasm for Jesus that makes me think of hollowness. I remember thinking how much my wife would like OddBabblings (which is the ultimate compliment) but because she lives in a different country we rarely get to speak, which is a shame, and when we do it is always weirdly rushed and in a not very comfortable place like a train station plaza, which is natural. If sad.

All of this introduction is intended to convince you to go click on her blog to read what she wrote a few days ago. Her friend is gay and was at a Bible college. He asked a lecturer to tell him why this book us Christians love so much says he is going to hell just because he is gay. And the lecturer said simply: “This book tells you that God loves you.” Nothing else. Fullstop. Just that.

When her friend thought about this, it changed his life.

She has great inspiring thoughts to follow that chin stroking anecdote that ends with this:

It’s sinking in that I am loved and then there is a full stop. And that full stop is starting to make me want to be brave and love others with my own full stop.

So go read it.

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