I would like to buy and archipelago, if only to build a gulag on it.

I could effectively study for exams in a coffee shop that played only Godspeed You Black Emperor, the best studying music in the world:
Black coffee

I have never been to New York but I enjoy this site that pits Paris against the Big Apple:
Paris -V- New York

Missionary builds flying car sounds like an Onion headline. It is not.

Also in the could-be-from-The-Onion file, dinosaur resides in church.

I loved this Tozer quote shared by Kevin Davis on the fallow man of ministry:

The man of fallow life is contented with himself and the fruit he once bore. He does not want to be disturbed. He smiles in tolerant superiority at revivals, fastings, self-searchings, and all the travail of fruit-bearing and the anguish of advance. The spirit of adventure is dead within him. He is steady, “faithful,” always in his accustomed place (like the old field), conservative and something of a landmark in the little church. But he is fruitless. The curse of such a life is that it is fixed, both in size and in content. To be has taken the place of to become. The worst that can be said of such a man is that he is what he will be. He has fenced himself in, and by the same act, he has fenced out God and the miracle.

Finally, Weezer do a fine cover of Unbreak My Heart.

Your Correspondent, If his hopes shall pass away he’ll simply pretend that he can build them again