A thought struck me at breakfast recently. Planet Earth is stunning. It is jaw-droppingly beautiful. Separate from a sentimental connection to images of the pale blue dot, based on the fact that it is our home and such images are sterling examples of our technical prowess, the reality is that Earth is a thing of beauty.

Earth, by NASA

No one was ever meant to see Earth. No animal, beside humans, would ever have a means by which to take it all in. Only our creativity made it possible that such a sight could be glimpsed and captured and savoured. The thought struck me and resonated with me, not in the sense of an argument that can convince but an insight that can be testified to, that this is how the world would be if that Triune God we keep banging on about actually is.

He takes delight in the small things. He crafts and composes without reference to appreciation, without need for an audience or acclaim. The unpurposeful beauty is an expression of his totally sufficient person.

Your Correspondent, A very tiny actor on a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena and all the more for it