One of the things I am hoping for is that it might be a place people can publicise events of a vaugely theological nature. So keep that in mind.

But I thought, like the true leader that I am, that I might role-model this by publicising an event I am helping to organise: The Calvin and Loyola Conference, which is being hosted by the President of Maynooth College, Msgr Hugh Connolly and the former Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, the Very Rev. Dr. Trevor Morrow.

This is a landmark conference in Irish theology, church-life and ecumenics if only for its subject matter. John Calvin, the greatest figure of the European reformation actually was a classmate of Ignatius Loyola, the greatest figure of the Counter-Reformation in the University of Paris. That these two men who shaped their age and continue to influence not just the church today but the way everyone approaches truth, that these two men who have been depicted as such fierce, diametrically opposed competitors started out in the same place is of great historical interest.

This conference seeks to explore the lives, work and thought of these two great figures in retrospect to examine if the easy assumption that they share nothing in common can be upheld. Scholars from Union Theological College Belfast will present alongside faculty from St. Patrick’s Pontifical College Maynooth as they each explore from their own tradition, the ongoing value, relevance and perhaps harmonious nature of Calvin and Loyola’s contribution.

Jesus by Rembrandt

This is not planned as some archaic academic conference where various eggheads in tweed sit around and discuss the influence of Chrysostom on Calvin’s exegesis of Romans in the context of a Jesuit hermeneutic. This is for the average thinking Christian. Even the average Creideamh reader, who on the whole is sub-average, would be welcome. The theme of the conference is not actually properly cerebral at all: it is how Calvin and Loyola share a passion for knowing God that is instructive today. For this reason, the conference is actually entitled: “Living in union with Christ in today’s world: the contribution of John Calvin and Ignatius Loyola.”

It takes place on October 8th-9th 2010 in the beautiful campus of Maynooth College and it costs just €30 (£25). The schedule is here. Register here.

See you there.

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