The wife unit and I went on a southern escapade for the Bank Holiday weekend and fell in love with this place, Gougane Barra, in west Cork. The water of the lake perfectly reflects the mountains above in which it nestles, the church is a silent nod to the Creator of such perfection and you’d be a damned fool to not plan a trip.

Gougane Barra

From inside one of the chapels on the Rock of Cashel you really think that this is a mighty fine piece of masonry work from Irish lads back in the 12th Century:

Rock Of Cashel 1

Then you look at it from the other side of the room and the symmetry is a little off. The left hand side of the arch and the right hand side of the arch don’t appear to have been checked at all. It seems Ireland’s shoddy workmanship is not a new phenomenon. Shoddy shoddy shoddy! Ah well, it has stood for a lot longer than the Cardboard Mansion ever will.
Cashel 2

Wife-unit and I are principally opposed to going on holiday with a camera surgically installed on your eye, so apologies for the hastily taken mobile phone shots. Before we went, my superb colleague hosted an arts festival here in Maynooth and my friend Andy sang at it:


Your Correspondent, Best experienced live.