I just started reading an essay by Hauerwas that begins:

God knows what possesses anyone to enter the ministry in our day.The lack of clarity about what makes Christians Christian, what makesthe church the church, and continuing ambiguity in our diversedenominations about ordination itself should surely make anyone thinktwice about becoming a minister. Moreover the lack of consensus aboutwhat it might mean for anyone to act with authority in our society andthe church cannot help but make those of us who are not ministerswonder about the psychological health of those who tell us they arecalled to the ministry.

This would be apt for me any day of the week but after reading about Haggard claiming that the arrogant thing for him to do would have been to go get another job somewhere and not trouble a church with his “leadership” it seems clinically, typically, uniquely Hauerwasianly precise and to the point.

Later he says something I suspect those of us going for ministry need to remember constantly:

If you are looking for “results” to confirmyou have lived a life worth living, you probably are making a mistake bygoing into the ministry.

Your Correspondent, Sometimes mistakes laughter for sobbing.