In comments on an earlier post there was a bit of debate about what happens to people who have never heard about Jesus. I never quite got this debate. But this morning I read this from Vinoth Ramachandra:

Questions such as the final destiny of people who, through no fault of their own, have never had a chance to hear the good news of Jesus Christ, can safely be left in the hands of a God who the gospel reveals to be both just and gracious in his dealing with humankind. Both ‘fundamentalists’ and ‘liberals’ have been guilty of arrogance in this regard. To argue that all who do not make a verbal confession of faith in Jesus as Lord are eternally lost is not only to go beyond the biblical evidence, it is to deny salvation to the Old Testament people of God, the mentally handicapped and little children. Similarly, to argue that all men and women are saved, irrespective of Christ, is to contradict the entire biblical testimony. All we can say, humbly yet boldly, is that if anyone is saved it will not be through any religion or human attainment, but solely through the objective, atoning death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, whether consciously appropriated or not.

Your Correspondent, Thinks all religion is unbelief