Freedom is what makes this country great, freedom has allowed us to create, to explore, to overcome every challenge we have faced as a nation. But imagine if these freedoms were taken away. Where would we be? What would we lose? Well, unfortunately, I no longer need to imagine. It’s happening. We are losing our freedom in one of the most important sectors of society: science.

Thus begins Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. I watched it because I thought it would be a nice counter-balance to the enjoyable and stupid Religulous. It wasn’t. This is a deeply ignorant and unenjoyable film whose stupidity continues to plumb depths you didn’t think existed. Whether it is connecting Darwin to NAZIism, comparing university sceptism towards “ID” to the Berlin Wall or suggesting that evolution corrodes Christian belief, it is phenomenally, immorally loose with the truth.

Dawkins gambles allegedly

If I were to write a one line review it would be: Ben Stein creates an elegant bridge between the theory he espouses, “Intelligent Design” and the method he uses – namely asking questions in a way that he always get the answer he is looking for.

Ironically, it is at its best when it is drawing on accepted and undisputed scientific fact (for example, the structure of a cell) and explaining it – those bits are exhilarating. But then it falls back on the old Intelligent Design genetic information hoohah. Thus, Dembski actually says, “we need engineering principles to appreciate these systems”. Christians need to stop comparing humans to machines.

America, freedom and liberty are the Gospel that Stein believes in. Great cinema, never mind Jesus Christ, cries at the crap-pot he serves us. It ends with more America praise songs. Heresy is not too serious a word for this shite, boring insulting shite.

Your Correspondent, His grandfather was a chimp that God evolved by plugging a heavenly usb stick into his ear.