It is rare enough that I talk about our little church on Zoomtard because in part, I don’t want my prattling to reflect badly on them.

But this Sunday we are hosting an honoured guest. Scot McKnight is coming to preach for us.
Scot McKnight

Prof. McKnight is the Karl A. Olsson Professor in Religious Studies at North Park University and a prolific author of both popular and scholarly works. He also hosts Jesus Creed, surely the most important Christianity blog in the world? Two of his books have had a particularly large impact on me. The first was Embracing Grace, which I read in its entirety one torturously hot May evening while getting a bus home from Dublin. The 16 mile journey took over two hours and I just read and read and read and sweated and stood and read until it was all over. The book is incredible. If you don’t know what Christianity is, this is the book to read. If you are unsure as to why anyone would ever consider Christianity, this is the book to read!

Also, if you borrowed it from me, I’d like it back please!

My second McKnight classic is A Community Called Atonement which is a winsome, gracious, broad-minded, engaging and mercifully brief (as against the Christian tendency to let books roll out for an extra 150 pages) discussion of what it means that Jesus makes us at-one-with God. For an evangelical anabaptist, McKnight manages to outline a shockingly exciting ecclesial reading of that question.

I also loved The Blue Parakeet, often turn to his Galatians commentary and am racing to finish Jesus Creed before I meet him! He is in Dublin to lead the Summer Institute at the Irish Bible Institute next week. Contact them to see if there are still places.

Anyway, I have yet to meet Scot so I don’t know how terrified he is of occupying my (sometime) pulpit. The pulpit is a metal music stand that we move around the front of the school room we meet in. I suspect he has spoken in more glitzy places. But seeing as we have also welcomed Craig Blomberg, Marva Dawn and even John Mark Mullan to our church, the MCC folk will no doubt be able to resist the temptation to ask for autographs and instead move straight to the rude interruptions of his sermon and sarcastic take-downs over coffee.

Your Correspondent, Shame is the most important meal of the day.