I have been thinking quite a bit about mission the last few weeks, in part I suppose because I am a missionary. And I think it is a very healthy thing that around evangelical Christianity in the western world there is a growing realisation that mission is a whole lot more than proclaiming the good news. Upon being met by a street preacher one day in Oxford, Ludwig Wittgenstein was meant to have remarked: “If he really meant what he was shouting, he wouldn’t be speaking in that tone of voice.”

But at the same time, I have been attempting to pay meticulous care to the Gospel of Mark. And I can’t help but shake a thought.

The point of Mark for the reader is to get you to ask yourself who Jesus is for you. If you are someone who believes Jesus is the resurrected son of God then there is a clear implication. The witnesses to the Resurrection are told to do something. They are told to “Go! Tell!”

It is absolutely brilliant that the Spirit is leading Christians everywhere to realise that we proclaim life before death as well as after! I am delighted when I see or hear of churches taking the full mandate of the Gospel to serve the world around them. But the Big Gospel we proclaim still rests on people hearing the news. We are told to go and tell of what we have encountered. As the disciples went and told they found there were many other things to be involved in as part of God’s work. But it began with the going and the telling.

And so how can it be any other way for us?

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