I asked folk last night to remind me why I want to do a PhD next? God answered:

St Andrews appoints N.T. Wright to chair in Divinity

NT Wright

While in all honesty, it would be an amazing prospect to be able to sit and study in this fella’s presence, I doubt at this stage that I have what it takes to be a New Testament scholar (nevermind what it takes to be accepted to the PhD program at St. Andrews).

It may well be perceived as a blow to Rowan Williams and his intentions to avoid a full blown Anglican schism. The Times of London sees it that way, anyhow:

He will be badly missed by his troubled Church, where he has served as the leading voice attempting to help Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, maintain unity from the evangelical side. Dr Wright has been a figurehead for centrist evangelicals who wish to uphold Gospel truths while remaining within the mainstream Anglican Communion, currently facing divisions over the ordination of homosexuals.

Still and all, I was really encouraged to hear this because if nothing else it suggests that Prof. Wright is in fine health. That allied to his return to dedicated research means we may well get to pore over many more of his glorious works over the coming years.

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