Pádraig O’Tuama is releasing an album called Hymns to Swear By and you can hear a wee mash-up he did as part of he and Pete Rollins’ Insurrection Tour here. Very entertaining. Go buy his album.

George Washington and I have a lot in common. We were both Presidents: him of America, me of Maynooth University’s Christian Union. We both rocked hair cuts to make the girls swoon. We both had wooden teeth. And we both had problems with returning books to the library.

Now enjoy Macion, a fantastic defender who learned everything he knows from watching me play sweeper for Leixlip United Under 12s:


My dear friend Florian Knorn is a fantastic photographer and general documenter of Maynooth’s beauty. Check out his latest site and remember that rent prices are low in this wonderful university town… so come join us!

Florian Knorn's photo of a statue in Carton House grounds

D.A. Carson’s chapter on the trials of Biblical studies is pretty essential reading to any of you who study theology.

You can become an expert in number theory or plate tectonics without your discipline making any demand on you other than hard work and integrity. But the disciplines bound up with biblical studies bring a further urgent demand: you are studying the Word of God, and unless your study is integrated with faith, obedience, godliness, prayer, conformity to Christ, rising love for God and for his image-bearers, you are horribly abusing the very texts you claim you are studying.

The train that doesn’t stop could save huge amounts of time and energy on long journeys. Irish Rail probably can’t conceive of building this without updating the steam engines so we’ll have to leave the idea to the Chinese:

As an Irishman and a Man. City fan, I am so delighted that Stephen Ireland is such a man of distinction:
Stephen Ireland: gick car

A genuine man of distinction is Anthony Flew who sadly died at the start of the month. Here is a poem in his honour:

Time was, you strode St Giles to St John’s gate
Abhorring Lewis and his pious rant,
Past “Lamb and Flag,” where Tolkien made
Christian elves and Carroll wrote his cant.
You burst onto the scene with tousled hair
Successfully uncombed, vague lisp, an intellect
So unconfined it gave us all a scare:
“Theology” you said “had no effect
To make god real or prove this world his own;
His purposes clear cut, ours to decide,
Ours to describe,”–as though we should have known
He only is who can be falsified.
I’d like to think that Ayer and Coplestone
Were there to say “Dear Tony, Welcome home.”

Finally, and most importantly, here is a DIY tip.

Your Correspondent, Finalising his Perforated Beef patent.