Roger Scruton
There is a feast of theology coming up over the next little while for those of us in Dublin. Tonight, esteemed English philosopher and prominent wino, Roger Scruton is here in Maynooth to give the Aquinas Lecture on the topic of “Neurononsense and the Soul”. It seems like reductionists will have a headfull of neurons to process at the end of the evening.

Terry Eagleton

This Friday, my favourite angry man, Terry Eagleton, will be speaking in Trinity College in Dublin on the topic of “WHAT IS EVIL?” He will no doubt be provocative, interesting and immensely enjoyable.

Larry Hurtado
Historian and theologian Larry Hurtado is giving the keynote address at the Irish Biblical Association conference in All Hallows College on Friday evening. Be there for 8pm to hear the public lecture on “Who is ‘God’ in the New Testament? : The Particulars of the New Testament Deity in a World of Gods”.

Scot McKnight
Saving the best till last, all round legend, Scot McKnight, will be in Dublin for a week in June and is doing a 2 day seminar in the Irish Bible Institute in Dublin on the topic, ‘In the Beginning was the Gospel’. Friday and Saturday, 11-12 June, cost is €100, attendance is essential. On the Thursday evening, in case you have a real job that expects you to actually show up somewhere on a work day or are a scabby bastard and don’t want to spend money supporting the most impressive theological training institute on the island (you tight git you), there will be a public lecture entitled “The Community Called Atonement”, which is the topic of McKnight’s most significant book- and that is saying something.

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