I wrote recently about my suspicion about the term “building the Kingdom“. I talked of the discrepancy between the common appearance of terms like “Kingdom of God” in the synoptic Gospels and the very sharp drop off in such language in the Acts, the epistles and the rest of the New Testament.

I realise I had not made explicit in that post what I ought to have done (because I had not realised it myself). The rest of the New Testament was written at the same time as the Gospels, more or less. This may be obvious to some of you but I think it is significant. In the same years that the letter to the Ephesians was being written, Mark’s Gospel was being finalised. This heightens again the distinction between the Gospels and the other writings on the topic of the Kingdom because it is very clear that a conscious decision is definitely behind the different rates of occurrence.

Any more ideas about what that decision actually was?

Your Correspondent, Straying from his sandwich making specialty.