They also say of Zoomy, he liked to remember at least three quotes from Hauerwas before bed.

Hauerwas, Millbank and the Pope

Attempts to defend the cause of the church before– or by using– secular standards and processes cannot help but betray the presumption that the true meaning of history is to be located somewhere else than the church. According to Yoder, the view that what God is doing is being done primarily through the framework of society as a whole and not through the Christian community is the presumption that lies behind the Constantinian accommodation of the church to the world. Put simply, Constantinianism is the attempt to make Christianity necessary, to make the church at home in the world, in a manner that witness is no longer required

It is a mistake, therefore, when in the interest of ‘justifying’ our convictions or of being socially ‘responsible,’ Christians think that we must translate our language into the dominant language of our surroundings. The early Christians did not ask, “Shall messianic Jews enter the Hellenistic world and adjust to its concepts. Their question could not be whether or not to enter the world of Hellenism, but how to be there.

What makes the church ‘radical’…is not that the church leans to the left on most social issues, but rather that the church knows Jesus whereas the world does not. In the churches view, the political left is not noticeably more interesting than the political right, both tend towards solutions that act as if the world has not ended and begun in Jesus. Big words like Peace and Justice, slogans the church adopts under the presumption that, even if people do not know what ‘Jesus Christ is Lord’ means, they will know what Peace and Justice means, are words awaiting content. It is Jesus’ story that gives content to our faith, judges any institutional embodiment of our faith, and teaches us to be suspicious of any political slogan that does not need God to make itself credible…Most of our social activism is formed on the presumption that God is superfluous to the formation of a world of peace with justice.

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