I woke up this morning pretty sure that I was a chicken. I intermittently write this blog and it most often deals with theology and more precisely how theology shapes Christian practice in Ireland.

At the moment, the most serious set of scandals to ever afflict the Irish church are threatening only to escalate. And I write about, I don’t know, how annoying it is when the little central spokes of a CD jewel case get crushed so the CD bounces around the box. A CD is an ancient device that old people use to listen to music, by the way.

The reason why I am not writing about the scandals in the Catholic Church is because I have dear friends who are priests. And everytime I have written on Zoomtard, even though I try to be fair and gracious and winsome, it turns out that I don’t know what I’m talking about.

I’m not being fully fair on myself there. I also don’t write about it because it is deeply depressing to write about and I tend to bash off Zoomtards between ad breaks or while the microwave heats up my boxer shorts. And also I don’t write about it because it is so often the topic of debate in Ireland that you don’t need to come here to read informed opinion about. (But where else will you find poetic laments at the frailty of jewel cases?!)

But it remains pretty lamentable that when dealing with a scandal so shocking that the word nightmare doesn’t even cut it, which arose in part because men of God were concerned with the lives of their own friends and peers at the expense of justice, that I refrain from writing in part because I don’t want to offend guys who I know will forgive me. It makes me think, yet again, that this scandal is Catholic only by accident. If the Presbyterian Church in Ireland is currently the dominant ecclesial expression in some parallel universe Ireland, would we be doing any better?

Which means, in some way, Christians must repent together. Especially Christian leaders. Because our communities are corrupt and self satisfied and prone to tolerating the darkness amongst us as long as the bearer of the dark is a nice, reasonable, moderate fellow who plays by the rules.

Maybe I’ve just slipped into those offhand comments that offend people.

Maybe I should be less concerned about offending Christians and more concerned for justice?

Patrick MitchelBut even though I woke up feeling like a chicken this morning, I don’t have to write at length because my dear friend Patrick Mitchel has done so and I commend his viewpoint to you. I can pass his views off as my own, because he articulates more effectively what I would want to say. You won’t find it in the Irish Times editorial pages and you likely won’t find it in the corridors of Maynooth College but it seems to be the only course of affairs that can hope to make good this debacle:

I would go further and say that if the Catholic Church is to listen to the Word and the Spirit,
this will mean nothing less than a new reformation.

Reformation sounds a little like conversion. Conversion is the prayer I pray for my life and for my denomination and for my church, the universal church in Ireland in all its forms.

Your Correspondent, He was supposed to be in that movie Rush Hour, but 2 weeks into shooting, he was replaced by Jackie Chan