Grudem's Politics

Well wish harder! Wayne Grudem, the American Baptist theologian who is famous for writing a lovely and suitably shallow systematic theology for beginners and for conflating conservative American politics with evangelical faith, (who thinks it is a theologian’s job to publicly endorse a Presidential candidate?) is publishing a book called, wait for it, Politics – According to the Bible. The Bible, written across a couple of military empires and the royal monarchy of Israel doesn’t seem like a book that could directly inform the peculiar democracies of the western world but it seems like that won’t stop Grudem. According to the publisher his “comprehensive” text will cover issues like “protection of life, marriage, family, economics, environment, national defense, internationalism, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and special interest groups.” The front cover, carrying an American flag flapping in the wind by the US parliament (can’t be the White House since that godless black man occupies it with his crazy commie ideas of health reform) should be saved by all preachers, teachers and theology lecturers onto their harddrives and backed up onto usb sticks, paper and freaking ogham stones for use in future presentations on syncretism.

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