I have a friend who lives in the distant north of this island and has been taking time every day to collect and share the grace that permeates her days. It has been a lovely blog that hopefully will continue but a few days ago there was this deadly interaction with her son after talking about the story of the Exodus and all the amazing things God did to convince Pharaoh to let His people go. Caleb obviously had some standard five year old doubts about this deep tale:

Caleb: Did God really turn a stick into a snake?

Debs: Yes, God can do anything.

C: Can he make slime come out of my ears?

D: Yip.

C: Can he squeeze an orange and make apple juice come out of it?

D: Yip

C: Can he smash a computer to pieces?

D: Yip.

C: Yeah, but God wouldn’t do that.

D: Why’s that Caleb?

C: God doesn’t have a computer.

Your Correspondent, Has infinitely more computing power than God.