The brilliant Vinoth Ramachandra makes this point in his latest blog post, How to Make Atheists.

He also writes of American Christianity:

I found myself gently defending the Dawkinses and Dennets of this world. Of course their arguments are often silly, directed at “straw men”. I have criticized them in my published writings. But the more time I spend in the US, the greater my sympathy for their strident attacks on Christians. If I grew up in the US I would probably be a hard-core atheist myself. Switch on “Christian television” and you would have to conclude that evangelical preachers were all con-men and Christians were the most gullible people on earth, easily parted from their money no less than their brains.

If American Christianity is sick, is European Christianity sick as well? And if it isn’t, or isn’t to the same degree, or if we want to give any kind of answer that marks us in better health, how much of that is because we are small? If the church grew here again, would we grow into the same pattern as North America?

Your Correspondent, Backwards compatible