I have never been “tagged” before on Zoomtard to be part of a blogging meme but David Keen tagged me on his 5 Deeply De-Christian Doctrines.

List 5 doctrines that are taught within the Christian church that you believe to be deeply de-Christian.

Here goes, off the top of my head:

1. That the commemoration of national tragedies will do in place of actual Christian lament. As such, for example in Ireland, the mainline Protestant churches can wear poppies to remember fallen soldiers in wars without ever passing comment on the evil of the wars in the first place.

2. That there is an approach to the Christian faith that somehow encompasses the “head” but not the “heart” and that this is deficient. In reality, any Christian tradition that seriously holds the two separately is way off track.

3. The myth white English-speaking westerners are still the leaders of the church and all the silly conversations about emerging and atonement and so on that go in the bin with the rest of that fantasy.

4. The idea that the Bible is a magic weapon that just transforms people once they encounter it. Encountering it almost always means encountering it in a very special and specific set of terms as laid out by the groups who think “more Bible” is the answer.

5. The idea that there is more than one church. Guilty as charged: The Presbyterian Church in Ireland. Of course it has legitimate historical grounds for holding on to such a name but there is just one church with many branches.

I tag Patrick Mitchel (for when he gets a blog), Anna (if she still has a computer), Clairebo, David Williamson and Deco.

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