As the Friday feeling progressively permeates through everything you are doing at work or college today I recommend you just give up now and instead go visit some of the cooler things happening around the web. Like:

  • One day I will have an office I design. I always imagined it being upstairs and having two intersecting windows in the corner. Now I have a reason to put it at the top of the house because this bookcase-staircase is perhaps the prettiest piece of furniture I’ve ever seen.
  • Funny but true exam answers do the rounds constantly but the scanned originals make this an interesting (and hilarious) article
  • This will be ubiquitous in time because it reveals just how little progress the world has made in Africa.
  • Fintan O’Toole: Ireland’s most important intellectual?
  • Roman Polanski: The world cries because a man who raped a child got arrested. It seems if you are good at your job, rape is permissable? Of the subscribers to the Polanski defence, Zizek said, “This list is shocking.”
  • I only found out last week that heroes of my adolescence, Adam and Joe, have a weekly show on BBC Radio 6.
  • Finally, I loved this colour generation history of your Self thingy invented at MIT.
  • Your Correspondent, Tricking out his car to make it look like an ice cream van