This day last year we drove to Mount St. Helens in the morning and then raced across Oregon to catch the sunset at Canon Beach. Reading a Chabon novel in the sun with my two best friends was like a taste of the world to come.

Then we got back in our car and decided to live out a childhood fantasy. Astoria, where they shot The Goonies, was just up the road a little bit. We splurged on a great dinner, the best fish I ever had. Overlooking the most stunning view, Ian got weirdly, briefly drunk. “It feels like a heart attack!” Then they set our desserts on fire and we drank in the last of our American experience and the last light of one of the sweetest days I’ve ever had.

the hypothetical album cover

Your Correspondent, His heart is a magical machine

PS- Apologies for the initially mis-aligned photo. This is what happens when you schedule a load of posts and then go on holiday…