While you read this, I am on my way to my beachside summer retreat (thanks to the Flickr user Oisin Mulvihill for the image of Donegal across the banner) to read and run and rest and eat and sleep and swim and dance for sick children in orphanages and renovate old museums and research my family tree and develop a solar powered hang glider. Well I may not be able to do all of that because I intend to develop a vaccine for H1N1 that works instantly and cures impotence as well.

But I thought someone somewhere might want to read my sociology Masters thesis, that I submitted yesterday. A Sociological Investigation Into The Theological Factors Behind Evangelical Church Growth In The Liffey Valley Region.

Early reviews are good. My wife-unit declares that it is “the finest piece of research to be produced in our house so far this year”. My dad says, “tis a bit heavy there Kevin”. The Apostle Paul appeared to me in a dream last night and told me the lotto numbers for this weekend and that he has never read a 28-syllable titled thesis with the same verve since Karl Barth’s seminal undergrad thesis “Ways In Which St. Paul Has Gotten A Bad Reputation, Chiefly With Regards To How We Think He Was Real Ugly”.

Of course, I only submitted it yesterday so who knows a) how many rules I am breaking and b) how foolish I will look when it gets rejected…

Your Correspondent, Doesn’t care about typos