So asks Robert Wright, over at the Atlantic. Last week in comments we had this discussion at Zoomtard with a Califronian reader called Dave. He doesn’t think much of us God-botherers. Robert Wright doesn’t think much of historical Christianity, but he seems to be able to hold to a position that still respects Christians. That seems like a path in life more likely to be filled with joy.

Anyway, Wright, who has just published a book on the evolution of God concepts, argues that while Ditchkins might set about to advance Reason, their “self-conception can abet self-delusion, making it easier for them to be blind to their own lapses of reason.”

What interests me (aside from the very cool way he argues that even if memes were true (they are not), religion would best be described as a symbiont and not a virus), is that pretty much the whole of the article could be word for word mistaken as an aside from a Tim Keller sermon in Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan on any given Sunday.

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