Previous to this entry, over the last week I have published about chick-flicks as emotional porn, topless waitresses (and implicitly the need for renewed feminism), the sense in which sexuality is a part of how we are human and on how crucial it is that our theology on sex would be sharp and accurate to avoid the kind of tragedies Irish society seems to ceaselessly be uncovering.

Equally innocuously I then quoted Owen Meany’s most famous line about John’s mother “HAVING THE BEST BREASTS OF ALL THE MOTHERS” and comedically applied it to me; a man without cleavage.

Needless to say you guys emailed me to say, “Oooh Freudian this” and “sex obsessed that”.

In comments the same point was made.

Seriously, you guys reveal more about yourselves by suggesting I am subconsciously obsessed with sexuality.

Your Correspondent, Acrostically yours.