One thing I forgot to write in my meandering reflections on the PMS dilemma is what happened after that debate last Tuesday. Once the conversation about PMS was over, the room emptied. The upper balconies were left abandoned. The PMS is made up of members of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland. When they were finished discussing their personal financial situation, they fled.

They missed a deeply researched and compelling discussion of what it means to share Communion with children. It seemed depressing to me that we did not connect the failure of the Mutual society with our failure to think properly about what Mutuality exists at the heart of what makes us church. The fleeing crowds were not just a sad indictment of our preoccupation with money, it was clear and evident proof that the vast majority of our church continues to be almost anti-theological. Not in the sense that they don’t read Karl Barth enough. But much more basically, they don’t realise that what we believe about the world affects the way we live in the world.

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