While I am off watching the ducks in a park, you get only a quote, without comment. Cos it doesn’t need any, its that awesome.

As for the ‘clash of civilizations’, let us recall the letter form the seven-year-old American girl whose father was a pilot fighting in Afghanistan: she wrote that — although she loved her father very much, she was ready to let him die, to sacrifice him for her country. When President Bush quoted these lines, they were perceived as a ‘normal’ outburst of American patriotism; let us conduct a simple mental experiment and imagine an Arab Muslim girl pathetically reciting into the camera the same words about her father fighting for the Taliban — we do not have to think for long about what our reaction would have been: morbid Muslim fundamentalism which does not stop even at the cruel manipulation and exploitation of children…

–Slavoj Žižek, Welcome to the Desert of the Real (London: Verso Press, 2002), 43-4.

Your Correspondent, Needs a camera to remind him which lies he’s been hiding