For fundamentalists, Zizek says:

religious statements and scientific statements belong to the same modality of positive knowledge… the occurence of the term “science” in the very name of some of the fundamentalist sects (Christian Science, Scientology) is not an obscene joke, but signals this reduction of belief to positive knowledge.

And as Terry Eagleton points out, “This is just what Ditchkins thinks as well. For him, too, religious statements are the same kind of thing as scientific ones; it is just that they are worthless and empty”. (Eagleton conflates Dawkins and Hitchens into one mechtronic atheist called Ditchkins).

Fundamentalism of all kinds confuses faith with knowledge. In fact that is the defining characteristic of fundies. For Zizek, fundamentalism is much more a neurosis than an intellectual error. The fundie cannot trust that they are loved and so seek undeniable, incontrovertible proof that they are loved and accepted. Hence, they are not really “believers” at all. There will be no need for trust when the fundie is done with their work. It will be impossible to even try to deny their claims. When they are finished, they will know they are loved. They fake to believe. The faith of the fundie is faithless in the sense that they aspire to obliterate all doubt.

Your Correspondent, A sadface barely covers it