My cosmologist friend and I worked it on the back of an envelope after the movie. He used to work in CERN. A gram of antimatter is about enough energy to boil 10,000,000 kettles. Not blow up Rome.

Speaking of blowing up Rome, this is movie is based on a set of ideas so idiotic, they could only be believed by the type ignorant enough to fail to understand that a “5 kiloton” airburst is more dangerous than a land detonation.

Also, doesn’t it reveal something about how deep Dan Brown’s anti-Christian ideology goes that the “hero” doesn’t have to die to “sacrifice”, and his annunciation is met by… a round of applause. A cup of tea to celebrate this limp paganism I say!

A much better final line would have been, “his action is not dependent on whether you believe or not”. But a hint of Barthian genius is really too much to ask.

Finally, at last a movie that gives creedence to all those Northern Irish protestant paranoias. All the problems of the world are caused by a Norn Irish Catholic (with a bizarre Dublin accent who fought in some kind of war that Italy engaged in… Ethiopia in the 1920s??)

Your Correspondent, Despises movies filled with nothing but scenes where someone explains what is going on