I am not a big fan of Europeans getting too heavily invested in American politics (as I am also not a fan of Americans coming to Europe and bringing their politics with them) but I am a fan of courageous preaching. I am not a big fan of John Piper but I think his book Desiring God should be read by every single Christian. I am not a big fan of abortion debates (since in Ireland we don’t have to debate it anymore!) but I recognise most Western countries permit it. This beautifully illustrated sermon segment from John Piper is about abortion, but I hope it doesn’t offend. I put it here in part because it is a beautiful use of technology to sharpen the effectiveness of preaching, in part because it is an example of loving prophetic speech and in part because I agree with it. But in no part do I wish for it to be seen as judgmental or obnoxious, or in any way an endorsement of American style culture-battling.


Your Correspondent, God is most glorified in him when he is most satisfied in God