GQ have published some cover sheets that adorned military intelligence reports published by Donald Rumsfeld’s office for George W. Bush during the War on Terror. They are covered in images of American soldiers and American murder weapons technology and verses from the Bible.

Rumsfeld's latest abomination

Rumsfeld's latest abomination

The fury that this fills me with is inchoate. The idea that thousands of men, women and children were murdered by airplanes half way into space and carbon bullets designed to shatter into a million little pieces and all this was planned with an intelligence briefing labelled on the front with a text from the Psalms declaring the glory of the LORD? Repentance is needed. Sackcloth. Ashes. Weeping and fasting. And desperate hope that the words they have soiled and abused so cynically do not turn out to be true.

Because Isaiah 5 says woe to you who pile house upon house and add field to field until there is no more room left in the land and that prophesy does not apply to the starving orphan in Fallujah or the goats herdsman of the Hindu Kush.

Your Correspondent, They will know the name of the LORD when He executes His vengeance upon them.