It is becoming a habit of mine, to quote Breda O’Brien’s Saturday column in the Irish Times. This weekend she was discussing the Sisters of Charity report into sex trafficking in Ireland: Globalisation, Sex Trafficking and Prostitution: the experiences of migrant women in Ireland. 61% of men who purchase sex are married or in relationships. Prostitution is simply a commodification of the most supreme mode of human relationship. But the solution is not to simply ban prostitution. O’Brien reports:

Sweden introduced legislation some 10 years ago that criminalised the buying of sex, but not the women who provide it. Significantly, 45 per cent of the parliamentarians were women. Crucially, they did not stop there. They launched an awareness- raising campaign around the connections between trafficking and prostitution, and that buying sex destroys everything good about sexuality. In 2007, Jonas Trolle, an inspector with the Stockholm unit dedicated to combating prostitution, said there were only between 105 and 130 women active in prostitution in Stockholm. In Oslo, there were 5,000. The number of trafficked women has dropped dramatically.

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