Last Monday Zoomtard went missing. Then it reappeared in a different form. This was not a stage rehearsal for my Easter sermons. Furious Thinking suffered under the attack of a virus that infects WordPress and thanks to the quick thinking of Mags and Cian, we were able to save all the data. FT is now on a fancy new mu-wordpress installation that is super secure and slickly easy to use and you can rest assured that Zoomtard and Jaybercrow are going nowhere.

But Zoomtard has had a make-over and hopefully you like it. The image for April 2009 is of the carvings above a doorway in the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona of the Gospel of John in Catalan. The bit you see up there reads “The truth shall set you free”. Or so I am reliably informed.

It would be very ironic if it was lying.

Your Correspondent, Makes other men uncomfortable in shower-rooms, is always trying to baptize them