In Luke 4 Jesus announces his mission to his home congregation. He goes to the synagogue and is handed a scroll to read. It is the Prophet Isaiah, chapter 61. He reads the passage out and then sits, indicating in the norms of the day that he is ready to teach. He says simply, “Today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.” The Jews of his hometown are so enraged by this claim to be Messiah that he is chased out of town and nearly to his death. Their murderous rage is understandable. Is he not Joseph’s son, the carpenter?

This is one of the great internet-passages in the Bible. You hear often “Jesus never claimed to be God” and you respond with Luke 4 and say, “you are right in one way but wrong in the important way”.

But what is really interesting is how Jesus, who elsewhere shows himself to be the keenest student of the Hebrew Scriptures, stops his reading half way through Isaiah 61:2. It continues after declaring “the year of the Lord’s favour” to add, “the day of vengeance of our God”.

So what’s the deal?

Your Correspondent, The wrath of God is to be a Man City supporter