If evangelical theology slips into a sub-Biblical emphasis on the power of the individual and liberal theology rests on a sub-Biblical preoccupation with society, perhaps in the earliest declaration of faith we have a way out of these black-and-white dichotomies we are addicted to.

Only an individual can declare, “Christ is Lord!” No society or community can. Each man and woman is called to deal seriously with Jesus’ claim that he is Lord and only the man and woman as free individual agent can say yes to that claim.

But that claim is inherently systematic. Of what is Christ Lord? Well the whole Cosmos and all the ologies and isms and moralities and markets that make it up.

To be true to the historic faith then we have to resist the temptation to collapse ourselves down into caricatures of “evangelical” or “liberal” and instead hold in tension the individual call to conversion and the inherent social consequences it entails.

Your Correspondent, Presently unsettled, eternally settled