In the first episode of this “groundbreaking series” we discover that Jesus was in fact Jewish, with the help of James Tabor, a Biblical scholar noted mostly for having claimed alongside James Cameron (director of Rambo II) that the tomb of Jesus had been discovered. In this episode we discovered that both scholars and theologians had opinions on the canonical Gospels and that Jesus realised the “deficiencies of his obsolete ancestral faith” in Galillee but his followers (who, let us recall are Jewish) viciously warped his Aramaic words into an anti-Semitic religion that we know today as Christianity. This was an exercise in ignorance, notably only for its assumption that its audience was equally ignorant. How can anyone be shocked by the news that the 12 apostles were Jewish? What adult, even distant from the faith, doesn’t know that Messiah means Christ, not “Son of God”? It was an exercise in prejudice, sadly, the ill-hidden prejudices of the self professed Jew of the mind and the heart but yet non-practicing, Howard Jacobsen. How our Hasidic brothers would view such sentiments would make a fascinating documentary in and of itself.

In the sentiment of this episode, Jesus is more remarkable for being Son of Man than being Son of God. This is meant to shock us God-botherers. But as far as false dichotomies go, I would agree with it. Christianity however, posits that Jesus is both fully Son of Man and fully Son of God, which is far more remarkable again. To even make this programme requires the classic sidelining of real theology and the real faith of Christians to make way for a stereotype that no one could ever believe.

But the “melancholy intrinsic to Christianity, perhaps because its rooted in fleshly failure” that Jacobson speaks of has no connection to any faith practiced in the historic church. One cannot have a meaningful conversation about a Christianity that never existed, that deals with “bodily escapism” and one cannot but feel chagrin at the ongoing tendency of voices in the media to simply get these things wrong without any doubt of their efforts. Where was Jimmy Dunn or NT Wright in this documentary?

Have you ever felt that you can never believe in this Christianity thing? Maybe it’s just the Channel 4 version that you find intellectually and emotionally repugnant.

Your Correspondent, Doesn’t trust “world renowned scholars” who mistakenly say “I think it’s in the Gospels…” and don’t correct themselves before the show goes to air